Biasi Boilers

boilerupgrade6Boilers have come a long way since their original designs as a a simple oil burner heater with a coil to heat water.  Today, the newer systems are cold start boilers.  These boilers don’t run unless there is a demand for heat.  At Marbledale Plumbing, we recommend the Biasi Boilers.  Instead of the traditional single pass boiler, the Biasi’s are equipped with a three-pass boiler which means they have a low water content, making them extremely energy-efficient.  Due to the three-pass design, heat is quickly supplied to your heating zones and hot water needs at a faster rate while using less fuel than traditional boilers.  With the Biasi boilers, you can achieve a fuel savings of up to 40% over conventional single-pass boilers.  The Biasi boilers are an affordable and very energy-efficient investment for your home.


  • Outputs from 67,000 BTU to 257,000 BTU
  • Gas or oil burner compatible
  • Easy access swing door
  • No flue required; can be direct vented outdoors
  • Low water content boiler heats up faster with less fuel
  • Efficient 3-pass heat exchanger boiler design
  • GG20 cast-iron construction for superior heat retention and durability
  • ASME and ULC listed
  • 58 psi cast-iron construction


  • Lifetime on the boiler block to the original purchase