Slow Drains

Whether it’s in your kitchen or bathroom, a slow drain is an inconvenience that result in extra work for you. It allows food, grease, hair, and other debris to stick to the sides and bottom of the sink or tub. We will find the root cause of your slow drain and remove the clog. 

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Single Pass Boilers Vs. Triple Pass Boilers

Older, single-pass style boilers run at 500 degrees and run in a single-pass.  This means that combustion gases travel the length of the boiler, resulting in an unnecessary loss of heat. New boilers, like the Buderus Boilers, run at 300-350 degrees and pass through 3 “chambers” to efficiently use heat.  A 3-pass boiler design is the most efficient way to get the maximum amount of heat from the fuel.  The design extracts heat from three times as much interior surface area of the boiler, compared to a single-pass, “pin-type” boiler design.

Buderus boilers provided this great example illustrating the efficiency of 3-pass boilers:

If you were heating water for a cup of tea, would you use a pasta pot or a teapot? Think of the typical, large-mass, single pass boiler as a pasta pot (boilers typically hold 15-17 gallons of water) and a low-mass, 3-pass boiler as a teapot. European systems in today’s houses only hold 5-8 gallons of water. Why burn all the fuel necessary to heat 17 gals. of boiler water in a 600lb., single pass boiler? A low-mass European boiler with it’s 3-pass design and 4 gals. of water content will satisfy the call for heat before the single pass boiler has even warmed up. The single pass boiler has heated twice the amount of iron and four times the amount of water.  All that excess heat goes “up the chimney” with your fuel dollars.

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Boiler Replace vs. Boiler Repair: What to Consider

Boiler SystemsAre you constantly making repairs to your standard efficiency boiler?  It may be time to put down the tools and call us to replace your boiler entirely.  Constant repairs to standard-efficiency boilers are not only time consuming but also costly, especially when you try to do it yourself.

Replacing your boiler system from standard-efficiency to high-efficiency could make your home up to 35% more efficient and potentially save you hundreds of dollars per year in heating costs.

While replacement costs will almost always exceed repair costs, there are other factors that play a role.  As equipment ages, it will become much more difficult to find boiler replacement parts and eventually maybe even impossible.  You’ll be stuck with a broken boiler and unable to fix it!

Avoid the hassle of boiler repairs and consider replacing your standard-efficiency boiler with one of our Buderus Oil Heaters.  These systems are modern and environmentally-friendly oil boilers combined with the ultra-efficiency of cutting-edge technology.

We install a full line of Buderus Oil Heaters. Based on the size of your home, we select the appropriate model that will meet your heating needs.

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Plumbing Renovation

Marbledale Plumbing RenovationAvoid potential problems in your water supply and drain pipes by updating your plumbing and piping system.  We successfully updated the plumbing in this home to make it more modern, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective.  Whether your plumbing project needs minor renovation or a complete new plumbing and piping system, like the system pictured to the right, we’re there for you from start to finish.

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Kitchen Sink Renovation in Lake Lillinonah

Lake Lillinonah New Sink & FaucetDuring kitchen renovations, a lot of time is devoted to design like choosing paint colors, furniture, and other home decor.  As a frequently used space and focal point in most homes, a kitchen should reflect a homeowner’s personal taste and style. This includes the kitchen sink! Often, kitchen sinks are over-looked, however, a well-placed, stylish sink could be the design feature needed to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Your kitchen sink needs to be practical, while also meeting your budget and personal taste.  Recently, we installed this beautiful copper sink for a client located in the historic Lake Lillinonah section of New Milford, CT.  They wanted a modern, yet functional kitchen sink to complement their updated colonial home.

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