Most New Milford homes have a warm start boiler, which is very inefficient. Moving to a cold start boiler could save homeowners up to almost 20% in fuel annually.

A cold start boiler is a heating appliance that does not maintain temperature, but produces hot water. Cold start boilers allow for the internal temperature to drop until there is a demand for the boiler to fire. Cold start boilers save energy with longer run times and off times and less short cycling, combined with dampers and electronic ignition.

Warm start boilers are heating appliances that maintain a temperature between 160°F and 180°F at all times. The boiler remains cleaner throughout the operating year and accelerates recovery during extended periods of domestic water heaters.

Cold start systems do not exhibit the same room temperature overshoot that a warm start boiler does. This encourages longer run times, lower water temperatures, and all-around better system performance.

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