If you are having trouble with your oil tank, flue, or chimney, it may be time to consider moving to propane!

Oil to propane boiler conversions have become very common in the Northeast. There are many advantages to converting from oil to propane.

Advantages Include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Ultimate control and comfort
  • Versatility
  • Reduced maintenance

Propane also provides less of an environmental risk compared to oil. Oil can be messy and has an unpleasant smell. If oil leaks and causes a spill, it is hazardous to the environment. Propane burns cleaner than fuel oil and produces less greenhouse gas emissions, making it a cleaner solution for today’s environment.

Going from oil to high-efficiency propane technology can also result in lower energy costs.

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Before: Oil to Propane Conversion
After: Oil to Propane Conversion